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SIMPLE FORM. - Reading Matters Calvin Klein -

Calvin Klein

Reading Matters



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As an icon of minimalism, modernism, sexual provocation, and androgyny, Calvin Klein's first book will find similar market appeal to Rizzoli's celebrated industry-leading books on legendary fashion designers, with many behind-the-scenes stories and private insights from one of the most famous men in fashion. Few names in fashion are as recognizable as that of Calvin Klein.ˇThis unique book presents a stunning archive of images that reveal his timeless influence as a designer. From founding the company in New York in 1968, he went on to change the face of fashion, bringing his visionary minimalism to the fore and defining looks for generations.

Format : Hardcover

Pages : 480 Pages

Language : English

Dimensions (cm) : H36.4 x L27.9 x D5.9