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After witnessing first-hand the devastating effect that single-use plastic has on our planet, Melbourne based co-founders Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt decided they had to be part of the solution - enter Memobottle!

A bottle that fits where conventional bottles do not, a bottle that people are always intrigued by whenever they see one, and most important of all - a bottle that assists in providing clean drinking water to developing countries whilst simultaneously being kinder to our earth as the boys are supporters of, which means every bottle sold allows one person to have two months access to clean water.

We take our hats of to these two, for creating something that has the power to change the world as well as look damn find in our bags!

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SIMPLE FORM. - Memobottle Memobottle A5 Drink Bottle - SIMPLE FORM. - Memobottle Memobottle A5 Drink Bottle -


memobottle a5 drink bottle