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SIMPLE FORM. - T-Lab - Pole Pole Elephant Family - Wooden Toy
SIMPLE FORM. - T-Lab - Pole Pole Elephant Family - Wooden Toy

Pole Pole Elephant Family



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As a result of the COVID19 crisis, our Brick + Mortar Store is CLOSED until further notice. Our Online Store remains Open 24/7 with weekly dispatch. Stay Safe, Stay Home!

Japanese company T-Lab have designed the most irresistibly cute monochrome wooden animals. Carved by hand and painted by hand, these animals are perfect for kids and will also look beautiful in any adult space. These collectable animals are timeless and will bring much joy to their owner. 

Polepole (pronounced poh-leh poh-leh) means 'slowly slowly' in Swahili and ultimately describes how each one of these animals are crafted. The handmade nature means each animal is ever so slightly different - no other one like it in the world!

Designer: T-Lab

Material : Soft White Abizia wood

Dimensions : Size varies depending on animal but approximately 7cm x 3cm x 5cm