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SIMPLE FORM.-Normann Copenhagen Buzz Flyswatter Warm Grey Flyswatter
SIMPLE FORM.-Normann Copenhagen Buzz Flyswatter Warm Grey Flyswatter

Buzz Flyswatter Warm Grey

Normann Copenhagen


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Buzz is an iconic flyswatter. Its simple and playful design creates a whole new category within its genre. Have you ever tried swatting for an insect in the corner of a windowsill only to have it fly away as if nothing had happened at all? The designer of Buzz has. Annoyed by this he started thinking of ways to reinvent the flyswatter completely and make it into an object that could be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Inspired by a folded newspaper, Hans Hornemann started working on a silicone flyswatter so flexible that it could get into almost any nook and cranny. He also added an opening at the top to make it easy to pick up the swatted bugs without having to touch them with your hands. Buzz’ ash wood handle ensures a good, comfortable grip and creates a warm contrast to the industrial silicone.

The silicone has a stain-resistant matt surface that makes it easy to clean.

Silicone & Ash
Clean under warm running water.

Height 36cm
Length 9.6cm
Depth 4cm
Weight 139gr

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