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SIMPLE FORM.-Mrs. Mighetto Flying Sparrow Children's Prints
SIMPLE FORM.-Mrs. Mighetto Flying Sparrow Children's Prints

Flying Sparrow

Mrs. Mighetto



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Flying Sparrow is a limited edition art print as part of new 'The End of the Forest' series by talented Swedish Supermums, Mrs. Mighetto. 

One of the most important things in this world is to find a friend with wings. For some this takes many years and for others, the friend appears immediately. This faithful companion allows you to travel between the different floating islands. On the first island ­– where the great oak’s tangle of roots is clear to see and blocks the view of the more distant islands – on this island, everyone is born with wings.'

The End of the Forest

There are no shortcuts that will take you there. Nor is there any way back once you finally arrive. The Land in the Sky is the final destination. But only for the chosen few. 

The story of this mythical land is well known throughout the forest. The story of what happens at the end of the forest. For millennia the entrance has been protected by seasoned, valiant guards, all of whom possess special gifts. It’s also watched over by the boy who never sleeps, by the roe deer who sees into the future and by the enormous creature who knows ways no one else knows.

    • Limited Edition. Not signed & Numbered. 
    • Use code MRSMIGHETTO to receive FREE SHIPPING when you order more than any 2 Mrs. Mighetto prints.

    Printed on 170g Sunken Polar Rough Matte paper to maintain the original texture of the original watercolour.

    • Unframed: 30cm x 40cm
    • Fits perfectly into an Ikea Ribba frame or let us organise professional framing for you (lead time applies).
    • Can be packed & sent in a mailing tube unframed.
    • Can also be sent framed at buyer's own risk.


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