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Meraki - Body Care Pure Sea Salt Skincare - SIMPLE FORM.

Body Care Pure Sea Salt




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250gm. Use this pure sea salt once or twice a week to achieve a softer and healthier skin. Exfoliating stimulates blood flow, removes dead skin cells, helps detox your skin and aids your skin in absorbing moisture. Meraki offers you a unique world of lifestyle and skin care products designed and developed in Denmark. The range is made in a creative environment, inspired by Scandinavian nature and aesthetics.

Pure Sea Salt 250gm.

Apply a small amount of the sea salt and pure oil (such as the Lilla Bruket lotion oil or Olive Oil) to damp skin and massage gently in circular motion, then rinse thoroughly. Finish off by applying a body lotion to keep your skin moisturized. Suitable for all skin types. Store at room temperature. Not for facial use.

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