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SIMPLE FORM.-Marble Basics Big Marble Pot Pot
SIMPLE FORM.-Marble Basics Big Marble Pot Pot
SIMPLE FORM.-Marble Basics Big Marble Pot Pot

Big Marble Pot

Marble Basics



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The Marble Basics Big Basic Pot is your best friend when it comes to small-scale indoor and outdoor gardening. It is the ideal compliment to a kitchen table, bench or bathroom vanity. It can bring Life to an outdoor setting, or clustered in the back garden or courtyard. Perfect for city Living and is durable enough to leave it in retreat at your beach house all year long. As a natural product marble can withstand all the elements. Handcrafted honed white and grey marble.

Basic Pots come with a water drainage hole.

100% Marble. Blanc

11cm Base x 14.5cm Height

Top Diameter: 16cm

*Please note, general watering will not cause any discolouring to the marble, however, fertilisers or soil mix with acidic properties may cause yellowing to the marble. Sometimes too much iron in water can cause marble to turn yellow, it is possible that some forms of stone/woodchip/soil around a plant may release iron when you water your plant causing discolouration. As marble is stained from acidic products, this is not a fault and we cannot offer returns/refunds/exchanges based on this.

These are handmade products and Marble is a natural material, so every product differs sLIGHTly in size and colour to those visible in the store. All of our Marble Basics pieces are original with different veining and patterning which makes each piece uniquely beautiful. Stone is a natural product and may contain fissures, cracks, holes and pits. No two pieces of natural stone are alike. This sample is an accurate representation of the material specified, but we cannot guarantee that the product purchased will be an exact match. These are not faults and we cannot accept returns or refunds if you are unhappy with the colouring of your piece.

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