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BastisRike - The Grid Woven Blanket Blanket - SIMPLE FORM.
BastisRike - The Grid Woven Blanket Blanket - SIMPLE FORM.

The Grid Woven Blanket




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This blanket basically symbopses our love affair with monochrome. This is the first product we ever sourced for the opening of the Simple Form store. Large sized, to cover a bed or to turn anyone into a wrapped mummy. Woven of 100% organic cotton, made by German artisans, designed by Henrike Schoen of bastisRIKE.

The blanket consists of equal parts from color grown organic cotton and dyed cotton. When producing the blanket, cotton is used which has not been chemically treated. It's woven on a Jacquard-loom and it has been roughened on both sides and been shorn to create that fluffy soft texture

100% Organic Cotton

Height: 160cm

Length: 240cm

Wash the blanket on a gentle washing machine cycle. Do not dry-clean. The blanket comes with care and washing instructions.

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