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ooh noo - Cardboard Robot Toys - SIMPLE FORM.

Cardboard Robot

ooh noo


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A set of DIY cardboard characters to play with and admire. The most fun you can get out of some cardboard, some glue and self-adhesive foil.

One side white, one side natural. This toy is nothing if not old school. It's just a bit of cardboard, some glue and self adhesive foil. Follow instructions, add ample amounts of fun and you will be creating fun creatures in no time.First, fold the cardboard to make all of the 11 cubes and blocks. Then play with them. You can make seven different characters out of the material provided in one set: a standing robot, a sitting robot, a large robot, a chicken, a rabbit , a dog or a piglet. Once you are satisfied with the character you created, use the provided glue to stick the cubes and blocks together. Add some black accents from the self-adhesive foil provided and ta-da! You have created a new creature

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