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Reading Matters - Root Nuture Grow - Book SIMPLE FORM.

Root Nuture Grow

Reading Matters


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Life with a potted plant is undeniably better. And better yet is the ability to grow and replicate new, healthy houseplants without ever having to visit a garden centre again. Learn to share, swap and celebrate the miraculous methods of multiplying all of your favourites at almost no cost at all. And here_s the secret: it_s really, really easy. Plants are designed to multiply. They spread their roots, send off inquisitive shoots, and regenerate themselves in all sorts of exciting and unexpected ways without any help. Even for the beginner indoor gardener, a single leaf can hold enough life to be successfully grown into a brand new plant. With Root, Nurture, Grow, you_ll quickly discover how to propagate any houseplant, take cuttings, cultivate runners and offsets, divide plants at the roots and even grow brand new root systems in the air. You'll learn pruning methods that produce no waste, organic rooting medium recipes, and eventually enjoy gifting and swapping newly grown greenery with friends, family and other houseplant hoarders you'll meet along the way.

Format : Hardcover

Pages : 160 Pages

Language : English

Dimensions : H21 x L17 x D2cm

Weight : 1kg