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Hey Gents - Hey Gents Volume #3 - Magazine SIMPLE FORM.

Hey Gents Volume #3

Hey Gents


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In this issue : 

  • Interview: Haydenshapes – Surfboards, design, and building a business.

  • House Frances By THOSE Architects – A modern home in Sydney.

  • A mini Guide To: Perth – Where to eat, drink, shop, and stay.

  • Guide To: Pour Over Coffee – How to make the perfect cup.

  • Waterfront Retreats – Three escapes by the ocean.

  • The List – What we have our eye on.

  • Guide To: Fragrances – How to choose and apply.

  • New York City – A photo story.

  • Interview: Karst Stone Paper – Making paper from stone.

  • Who We’re Following – The people behind the profiles.

  • A MINI Guide To: Canberra – Where to eat, drink, shop, and stay.

  • Photographing Interiors – Expert tips courtesy of Terence Chin.

The publication is printed in Sydney on uncoated paper that is PEFC certified from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.