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Simple Form Photo Shoot

  • Amanda Tiernan
  • Design

In November 2016, we launched our new look online store. Every design detail was based on the minimalist style and philosophy of Simple Form. For this store to be completely 'on brand' and to have maximum visual impact, we knew we needed a set of unique images.

We set a brief for these images: clean, minimalist, light and bright and with the use of minimal props. We chose one of Australia's best stylists, Bek Sheppard, and photographer, Reuben Gates and the images you see here are the result of their magic.  We hope you love them as much as we do. 

At Simple Form, we strive to create a collection of curated wares that are not only functional, but also have inherent beauty, craftsmanship and timelessness. 

Stylist: Bek Sheppard
Photographer: Reuben Gates
Paint: Porters Paints - Grey Goose, Grey Goose Half, Snow Patrol.


Image 1: Menu Gridy Mirror, Hunter Lab Skincare, Nur Tray, Muuto Marble Trivet.

Image 2: Artwork

Image 3: Woud Dot Pendant, Marble Basics Sugar Bowl, Nur Round Tray.

Image 4: Danielle Sandeman Memory Print, Normann Copenhagen Trolley, Hay Lup Candleholder.

Image 5: Muuto Plus Grinder, Marble Trivet (in store only), Cereal City Guide.

Image 6: Hay Cloche Lamp, Print, Playtype Candle, Tape, Dowel Jones Blocchi pen holder, Dowel Jones Leather Mouse Pad, Hay scissors.

Image 7: AYTM mirror, Menu Bollard Pendant, Menu Yeh Table, AYTM Gutta Jewellery Box, Menu Shrine.

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